A Letter from ATTACh Explaining and Disclaiming

ATTACh was founded as a membership organization in 1990. As a benefit for our members, and for the community at large, we allow interested therapists to submit their names as therapists who work with children who have experienced complex trauma. As part of this process, ATTACh has the clinician submit information regarding training, licensure, insurance, etc. Importantly, however, ATTACh has no way to oversee the actual work of therapists or qualify any particular therapist for practice. As a result, this list is provided solely as a starting place for those seeking services. ATTACh cannot endorse or recommend any particular person or company. Those accessing this list must do their own background work to determine whether a particular therapist or clinician is able to appropriately meet their needs.


ATTACh is providing this list of ATTACh members for your convenience. ATTACh does not endorse any particular individual listed nor do we make any judgment about the appropriateness of any therapist for your particular needs. By accessing this list, you agree to gather your own information about the level of skill, interest, experience and/or other qualities of the people listed and accept full responsibility for your own decision in working with any listed clinician. By accessing this list, you expressly agree that ATTACh has no responsibility for any action related to your selection or relationship with a listed therapist and agree to indemnify and hold ATTACh harmless against any claim related thereto.

Please indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of this list by choosing from the options below.