Thank you for attending the 2021 ATTACh Annual Conference. Several presenters are sharing materials from their session(s) with you. Please take a look at them below:

KEYNOTE: Tina Champagne

1C – Experiencing vs Learning: Therapeutic Techniques that Enhance Attachment and Resolve Trauma

(2A) Help My Child is Changing Me

(2A) Nourishing the Parent Brain – Reflection Activity – Sin…

(3A) Attachment Informed De-escalation ATTACh Conference 202…

(3C) Therapeutic Strategies to Heal

(4C) Myths Preceptions and Assessment of youth with Problema…

(4E) Birth Trauma and Infant-Mother Bonding

(5C) Emotion Regulation through Meditation Technologies

(5E) Preventing Disruptions through good matches

(6&7B) Sensory Modulation & Attachment

(6&7C) Your FBA is a Fantasy

(6F) How Teachers Create Adoption Friendly Learning Spaces

(7F) Forensic Parenting Assessments

(8B) Neuro Guru

(8C) Attachment Based AAT Presentation Workshop-handout

(8D) Monster’s Journey_Attach