Trauma and Attachment Parent Support Group Meeting – Wednesdays


Meet other parents and new friends, feel replenished and nourish your parenting knowledge by connecting with a group. ATTACh offers a confidential, online support group for parents, caregivers and families of children and young people living with attachment disorders, childhood traumas, developmental disorders and mental health concerns. Participants reside throughout the nation and internationally. For

Siblings Series Part 1: Valuing Sibling Relationships


Series Part 1: Sibling Relationships The sibling relationship is unique among all our relationships in life. Sibling relationships are essential to children, and the maintenance of sibling ties can nurture a sense of stability and continuity. For siblings in foster care, the bonds are often shaped and challenged by separation. This interactive workshop will be presented in two parts: Part One - Valuing Sibling Relationships and Part Two - Shifts in Sibling Dynamics. Join us for either part or both as we discuss the importance of the sibling bond, strategies for keeping siblings together in placement and in permanence, and tips for parents when helping siblings maintain their bonds if they have been separated. Register for both Part One and Part Two together to receive a discount on registration!  Download the flyer