Mama, If You Had a Wish

Modesitt, Jean & Spowar, Robin

In a tender exchange with his mother, Little Bunny asks, “if you had a wish, would you wish I never cried?” “No, Little Bunny”, answers Mama, “but it does make me sad to see you cry”. Mama’s greatest wish, as this poetic tale makes so clear, is for her Little Bunny to be himself, “because I love you just the way you are”. Full color.

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Book Review by R. Spottswood

This short 1993 picture book is out of print, and I don’t know why.  I chased down a used copy and already cherish it.  There is a soothing congruence between the soft pictures, the parent’s (mama rabbit’s) constancy, and the consistent message of complete acceptance and attachment for the worried child (little rabbit).  The words are brief, I think because more words would be superfluous.

A comforting story and pictures for kids, and a therapeutic model for parents.

Highly recommended!

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