Dr. Steven Gray

Motivating Marvin is all about helping your youngster succeed in school.

So many students today fail to achieve their best within the academic setting. In fact, you might say we are in the middle of an educational underachievement epidemic. These young persons have the potential to do well – are academically capable – but time after time, they fail to do so. Why? And what can we do?

Motivating Marvin is designed for parents and teachers who have these underachievers in their homes or classrooms. Dr. Gray describes some of the most common pitfalls that play into academic underachievement, and then offers parents proven strategies which can help motivate students to do their best in school.

Dr. Gray covers everything from neuropsychologic factors to motivational “carrots,” personality temperament to parenting practices. He helps parents understand the dynamics being played out in their homes and equips them to assist youth in an academic turnaround. As with his first book, Dr. Gray combines an entertaining and lively dialogue with the reader, emphasizing practical solutions.

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