Committed to Creating New Possibilities for Professionals and Parents

As a mission-driven, national/international organization based in Minnesota, ATTACh enables professionals and their teams, from virtually anywhere in the world, to take expert-led trainings, earn certificates, and market their expertise to parents and families individually and through our growing network of caring clinicians and therapists.

We provide both expert and peer-led opportunities for those who are just getting started and those who are seasoned in their experience levels. Our interactive live, online courses offer a new level of growth and understanding of trauma and attachment disorders, developmental and mental health concerns for people and organizations globally.

At ATTACh, we also have a unique focus on parents and caregivers. We offer ongoing trainings where we educate, support and share resources with parents, caregivers and others who provide care to children and youth at every stage of their lives through young adulthood. Our workshops and trainings build on the strengths of parents and caregivers. These interactive opportunities foster learning and encourage participation in addition to strategies to help navigate through some of the issues and challenges of parenting, celebrate the successes, and most of all provide a “soft spot” to land for healing and HOPE.

Our motto is, “Teach the World to Heal.” By connecting, supporting and giving people the most knowledge and skills, we can help youth and young people recover, adapt and live their best possible lives.

Training Catalog (Coming Soon!)