The Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh) is a national and international coalition of parents, professionals and caregivers with the know-how to increase awareness and understanding about attachment and its critical importance in human development.

But we’re more than a professional network. We’re a support system. An understanding partner in the lifelong process of helping people heal.

We know the need to heal is serious. That’s why we want to give you a comprehensive, more effective way to help.

“The whole purpose was to have an organization where you had mental health, parents, school systems intermingling. People dealing with troubled, challenged, wounded, acting out kids. I’m always hearing parents talk about how valuable it is to be in groups talking to others and professionals, people are getting to know each other.”
– Terry M. Levy, Ph.D., D.A.P.A., B.C.F.E., ATTACh Founder

Founded in the late 1980’s, we’ve spent the past three decades equipping professionals, families and communities with the tools and knowledge needed to create healthy attachment.

Through an annual conference, ongoing workshops, supportive services, training opportunities for professional continuing education credits, a library of evidence-based resources, and a network of dedicated caregivers, we’re teaching the world to heal. All are welcome to join ATTACh to learn from (and with) ATTACh experts and members.