Compassionate Care: Promoting Healing for Traumatized Children and Teens

There is no easy way out or quick fix when it comes to treating trauma.

But that doesn’t mean real healing isn’t possible. When children and teens who have trauma are treated as thinking, feeling, complex humans rather than problems that need to be solved, that’s when healing can begin. ATTACh was created to bring hope and resources to parents, caregivers, and professionals who work with children and teens impacted by trauma for that reason.

What Impact Does Trauma Have on Children and Teens?

Traumatized individuals, particularly those who were traumatized in childhood, are at increased risk for:

  • Social and Behavioral Problems
  • Impaired Psychological Health Throughout Their Life
  • Cognitive and Academic Problems
  • Neuropsychological Alterations
  • Childhood Mortality of Early Death

Acknowledging Our Connection and Building a Healing Environment Together

The systems surrounding us have a profound impact on who we are, particularly during the formative years of childhood and adolescence. These systems, such as a family system, the foster care system, a school system, the legal system, and the medical system, can unintentionally shape an individual’s sense of worth and identity.

By creating an environment of love and acceptance and improving these systems, caregivers can establish the trust necessary for healing children and teens. Our organization provides support and training for both professionals and non-professionals alike, recognizing the vital role all caregivers play in a child’s healing journey.

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