Author: Sue Badeau

Illustrated by Chelsea Badeau

Building Bridges of Hope” is a coloring book for adults caring for children who have experienced trauma.  Within these pages you will find whimsical, calming and inspiring artwork to color while learning about the short and long term effects of trauma on children and what you can do to make a difference. The text pages, facing each of the art pages, provide effective strategies, tips and tools for helping children as they journey from the pain, confusion and stress often associated with trauma to the hope and well-being associated with healing. The author/illustrator team also has a companion book for children entitled Bubbles & Butterflies.

Drawing from her academic background in child development, professional experiences in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and personal experience raising 22 children, many of whom experienced significant early life trauma, Sue offers a unique combination of clinical and research-based expertise with practical, down-to-earth approaches that busy parents can implement with minimal investment of time and money. The lessons, strategies and activities suggested in this book have been tried and tested by parents, caregivers and professionals from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Throughout the book, research and resources are highlighted. Citations and more information about all of the resources mentioned can be found at the end of the book.

The simple artwork has been designed to seed and inspire the reader’s own creativity. Several blank pages have been included where you can respond to the messages in the text with ideas and images of your own. Pulling together her own unique designs with artwork created by several of her siblings and nieces, artist Chelsea Badeau draws on her professional background in the communications arena and years of community service with children to create a unified collection of healing images.

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