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Build your expertise in pediatric trauma and attachment

Child abuse and trauma in the U.S. and globally is on the rise, and so is the need for highly skilled Occupational Therapists (OTs) who are trained to effectively treat a child living with the after-effects of trauma, violence, or neglect. The Intermediate OT Attachment and Trauma-Focused Training is a peer-developed, expert-led Professional Certification Program offered by the Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh).

This intermediate-level online training equips OTs with the education, training, research, and resources needed to offer pediatric occupational therapy. This workshop would be the first tier of coursework to be completed for trauma and attachment in OT. As such it would be the requirement to enter the second tier discussing assessment more in-depth, as the third tier will focus on intervention. In this workshop, participants learn about a therapist’s role in attachment and trauma-informed care, recent research, diverse approaches of theorists, and the occupational function needed to help a developing child grow into the different roles across multiple settings. Instructors orient participants to different evidence-based techniques to care for the pediatric client, including sensory integration practice and developmental theory, and care team collaboration strategies. Participants should have general knowledge and understanding of typical development, including sensory integration practice.

This training is an online virtual event.

Target Audience(s): Occupational Therapists
Educational Level: Intermediate    
Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Discussion, Video Contact Hours: 12 hours
Assessment: Participants are required to submit a completed Post Evaluation Form to ATTACh at training@attach.org within 5 days after completing the training course.
Cost: $250 includes training, materials, 12 CEs, post-training peer review. After completing the training, participants receive a one (1) year membership as a registered OT and are eligible for referrals from ATTACh.

This training is an online virtual event.

CEs: 12 CEs included in the registration fee. CEs provided through CIAO SeminarsTM.
Registration: https://attach.regfox.com/intermediate-ot-attachmenttrauma-certification

 Special Needs Accommodations: If you need a specific accommodation, please make your request at training@attach.org. We will do our best to fulfill your needs.

Course Completion Requirement: In order to achieve full American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) credit, participants are required to attend each session on all 6 training dates. In the case of a clearly stated emergency, a participant will receive a recording of that particular session. To receive credit, the participant is required to watch the recording and write a one-paragraph summary of the missed session, and submitted to ATTACh within 3 days.


Training Series Outline:

May 12, 2021 – June 2, 2021
8:00 am-11:00 am CST –
(ONLINE: Wednesdays Only)

  • Introduction – Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer
  • Theory of Attachment – Lara Taggart Ed.D., OTR/L
  • Trauma, Attachment, Dysregulation and Co-Regulation– Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer

May 19, 2021

  • Sensory Modulation and Attachment Profiles– Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer
  • Current Research and Articles in OT Literature – Lara Taggart Ed.D., OTR/L
  •  Overview of Assessment Practices- Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer

May 26, 2021

  • Newborn, Sensory Systems and Attachment Theory – Lara Taggart Ed.D., OTR/L
  • Different Parent Profiles – Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer
  • Video case example of intervention – Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer

June 2, 2021

  • Bridging of Current Practice into a “Newer” Model of Care – Lara Taggart Ed.D., OTR/L
  • Closing – Lara Taggart Ed.D., OTR/L and Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR Expert Trainer



  • Describe at least 4 different attachment styles that could influence our intervention in the pediatric population.
  • Consider the value of at least 5 different aspects in the therapeutic relationship between therapist and child that would influence pediatric practice.
  • Discover at least 10 different research articles that inform occupational therapy practice in pediatrics.
  • Observe at least 2 different video presentations of children in assessment and intervention.
  • List at least 5 different areas in which sensory integration practice overlap with working with attachment and trauma-informed care
  • Consider at least 5 parent profiles that may influence progress in the practice of trauma-informed care.
  • Consider the differences between traditional models of care and building in change with regards to trauma-informed care.



Should you have questions about the Intermediate OT Attachment/Trauma Certification training series, contact ATTACh at training@attach.org. For upcoming online trainings, recorded workshops, and other educational resources, visit us online at www.attach.org.