• Dr. Heather Geddes Every day, teachers and other school staff have to deal with children who present challenging behavior during their learning process at school. This book combines the fundamental principles of attachment theory with teacher-based case studies and practical 'how to' interventions.  
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  • Practical Strategies for Supporting Children with Attachment Difficulties in Schools

    Louise Michelle Bombier Inside I'm Hurting provides educational professionals with a much-needed classroom handbook of new strategies, practical tools and the confidence for supporting these children from an attachment perspective, thus promoting inclusion in the school system... Buy on Amazon
  • Dr. Steven Gray Motivating Marvin is all about helping your youngster succeed in school. So many students today fail to achieve their best within the academic setting. In fact, you might say we are in the middle of an educational underachievement epidemic. These young persons have the potential to do well - are academically capable - but time after time, they fail to do so. Why? And what can we do? Motivating Marvin is designed for parents and teachers who have these underachievers in their homes or classrooms. Dr. Gray describes some of the most common pitfalls that play into academic underachievement, and then offers parents proven strategies which can help motivate students to do their best in school. Dr. Gray covers everything from neuropsychologic factors to motivational "carrots," personality temperament to parenting practices. He helps parents understand the dynamics being played out in their homes and equips them to assist youth in an academic turnaround. As with his first book, Dr. Gray combines an entertaining and lively dialogue with the reader, emphasizing practical solutions. Buy on Amazon
  • Helen Worrall, Sian Templeton, Netty Roberts, Ann Frost, Kim Golding, Eleanor Durrant, Jane Fain, and Cathy Mills Emotional difficulties in children aged 5-11 can display themselves in a range of different behaviours, and it is important for staff in schools to be able to identify and address these problems, and to provide appropriate help. This easy-to-use tool provides an observation checklist which enables staff to identify behavioural patterns in children with social and emotional difficulties, analyse the emotional difficulties underlying these behaviours and establish what kind of help and support the children need. Behavioural responses are categorised within clearly outlined topics, including behaviour, play and relationship with peers, attachment behaviours, emotional state in the classroom and attitude to attendance. Checklists and diagrams identify different 'styles' of relating (secure, avoidant, ambivalent), to help school staff who work with children and their families to respond appropriately to the individual needs of each child. A range of handouts include activities designed to provide emotional support, to focus and regulate behaviour and enable the child to develop important social and emotional skills. Suitable for use with children aged 5-11, this tool will be an invaluable resource for teachers, teaching assistants, learning support staff, school counsellors and educational psychologists. Buy on Amazon
  • Susan E. Craig Each year hundreds of thousands of children in the United States experience trauma—such as abuse, neglect, or community violence—that creates tough obstacles to academic achievement and social success. Now there's a practical, strategy-filled book that shows educators how to reach and teach students exposed to trauma... Buy on Amazon
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