Kudos to Barbara and Cathy for showing us how to keep the heart-connection with our child strong and healthy, regardless of their age. —Dr. Tim Kimmel, Author of Grace-Based Parenting. Once you understand attachment, parenting makes a lot more sense. The basics of child development, and the importance of attachment, will equip you to create meaningful and secure relationships that last a lifetime. You’ll discover: what is healthy attachment, how to nurture connection in various ages and stages, the crucial differences between punishment and discipline, how child development research aligns with biblical truth, attachment doesn’t create a clingy and codependent child—it equips kids to have healthy relationships throughout their lifetime. Dr. Barbara Sorrels is a mom and grandmother. Her experience as a parent, teacher, early childhood administrator, children’s pastor, university professor, and consultant brings a unique perspective to her speaking, and writing. Cathy Chalmers, M.A., began her education in the field of psychology. She has worked in psychiatric residential treatment, a developmental pediatric clinic, and in private practice. Cathy and her husband are proud parents of two adult daughters. Through research, heart, and wisdom this book shows why attachment is so important to raising emotionally secure and spiritually healthy kids. —John Finch, bestselling author of The Father Effect. What a gift of practical advice, supported by years of research and application! Full of hope and promise for every parent. — Deniese Dillon, Co-founder and Executive Director Emeritus of the adoption agency, Dillon International, Inc.

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