• If you are a parent, or you are supporting a parent, whose child experienced trauma or neglect in early childhood, Hope for Healing: A Parent’s Guide to Trauma and Attachment may hold the answers to many of your questions. This thoughtful guide, written by therapists and parents who live and work with children who have a disorder or disturbance of attachment, will help parents, family members, educators, and others learn to support children on their path to healthy, loving and trusting relationships. The six-hour DVD was designed to be used in support group settings and by therapists in the training of caretakers.
  • A companion piece useful for working through Hope For Healing.
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    The six-hour DVD follows the topics introduced in ATTACh's book Hope for Healing: A handbook for parents of children who have disorders of attachment. The accompanying Study Guide can also be used as a springboard for discussion of the issues and techniques presented. The presenter is Mary M. McGowan, Executive Director of ATTACh and adoptive parent of five. This DVD will help parents, family members, educators, and others learn to support children on their path to healthy, loving, and trusting relationships.

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    The six-hour DVD follows the topics introduced in ATTACh’s book Hope for Healing: A handbook for parents of children who have disorders of attachment.
  • Si usted es un padre, o apoya a un padre cuyo hijo sufrió trauma o abandono en su infancia, Esperanza para sanar: una guía para padres sobre el trauma y apego puede contener las respuestas a muchas de sus preguntas. Esta guía reflexiva, escrita por terapeutas y padres que viven y trabajan con niños que tienen un trastorno o alteración del apego, ayudará a los padres, familiares, educadores y otros a aprender a apoyar a los niños en su camino hacia relaciones sanas, amorosas y de confianza. Buy on Amazon
  • Healing Trauma Through Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy Treatment

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  • Author: Sue Badeau Illustrated by Chelsea Badeau Bubbles & Butterflies – A companion coloring workbook designed for children to accompany the themes and lessons from Building Bridges of Hope. Bubbles and Butterflies provides an excellent opportunity for parents, caregivers, therapists or caseworkers to teach children their own strategies for self-soothing, calming and coping with trauma, anxiety and stress. Buy on Amazon
  • Author: Sue Badeau Illustrated by Chelsea Badeau “Building Bridges of Hope” is a coloring book for adults caring for children who have experienced trauma.  Within these pages you will find whimsical, calming and inspiring artwork to color while learning about the short and long term effects of trauma on children and what you can do to make a difference. The text pages, facing each of the art pages, provide effective strategies, tips and tools for helping children as they journey from the pain, confusion and stress often associated with trauma to the hope and well-being associated with healing. The author/illustrator team also has a companion book for children entitled Bubbles & Butterflies. Drawing from her academic background in child development, professional experiences in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and personal experience raising 22 children, many of whom experienced significant early life trauma, Sue offers a unique combination of clinical and research-based expertise with practical, down-to-earth approaches that busy parents can implement with minimal investment of time and money. The lessons, strategies and activities suggested in this book have been tried and tested by parents, caregivers and professionals from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Throughout the book, research and resources are highlighted. Citations and more information about all of the resources mentioned can be found at the end of the book. The simple artwork has been designed to seed and inspire the reader’s own creativity. Several blank pages have been included where you can respond to the messages in the text with ideas and images of your own. Pulling together her own unique designs with artwork created by several of her siblings and nieces, artist Chelsea Badeau draws on her professional background in the communications arena and years of community service with children to create a unified collection of healing images. Buy on Amazon
  • Greta S. Kjos, J.D., CLC Wise Ink Creative Publishing In this inspiring and vulnerable memoir, I am the Ocean, Greta Kjos skillfully takes readers along the journey that took her from a life in near collapse to one of peace, joy and courage. Through self-reflection, spiritual awakening and therapy, she began to shed the layers of herself that had kept her a prisoner in her own life. Yet the greatest discovery was in the intrinsically and beautifully connected healing journey she shared with her daughter. Buy on Amazon
  • Raily el valiente es la historia de un pequeño osito con sentimientos grandes. Únase a este osito súper genial mientras que enfrenta sus miedos con los animales que lo aman. Incluye un epílogo educativo para adultos. "Criaturas grandes y buenas" pueden ayudar a los "ositos" en sus vidas mientras ellos leen una y otra vez este divertido y conmovedor libro para niños. Recomendado para edades de 3-103 años. --- ¿QUÉ ES ESTO? Más que solo un libro con dibujos brillante y atractivo, Riley el Valiente es una herramienta impulsada por las más modernas ciencias del cerebro para ayudar a aquellos que se recuperan de las experiencias adversas de la infancia y a los padres, familiares, maestros, terapeutas y otros adultos comprensivos en sus vidas.   Buy on Amazon
  • Riley the Brave is the story of a little bear with big feelings. Join this super-cool cub as he faces his fears with the animals who love him. Includes educational afterword for caring adults. "Big critters" can help the "cubs" in their lives as they read and re-read this playful and poignant children's book. Recommended for ages 3-103 WHAT IS IT? More than just a bright and engaging hardback picture book, RILEY THE BRAVE is a tool powered by the latest brain science to help those healing from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the parents, family, teachers, therapists and other caring adults in their lives. HOW DOES IT WORK? Through the power of story, parts of the brain blocked by shame, fear or sadness are reached. The story is accessible for all different kinds of families and helps those NOT impacted by trauma better understand their own big feelings as well as what their friends or classmates might be experiencing. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE AFTERWORD? Easy-to-understand brain science for parents and professionals. HOW IS RILEY THE BRAVE BEING USED? IN THE HOME: It has already become the favorite bedtime story of many - even babies can connect with the colorful images and engaging animals. It also eases conversations about big feelings and challenging behaviors. IN THE CLASSROOM: Fostering social-emotional learning and supporting a trauma-informed environment. It also opens conversations about different kinds of families and race in a non-threatening way. IN HEALTH CARE SETTINGS: Therapists in out-patient and in-patient settings are reporting profound responses to the story and break-through moments in treatment. Pediatricians are adding Riley the Brave to their resource libraries, especially with all the helpful extras available online. IN CHILD WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS: Riley the Brave is a perfect tool for training and supporting staff and parents involved with foster care and adoption. Buy on Amazon
  • Kudos to Barbara and Cathy for showing us how to keep the heart-connection with our child strong and healthy, regardless of their age. —Dr. Tim Kimmel, Author of Grace-Based Parenting. Once you understand attachment, parenting makes a lot more sense. The basics of child development, and the importance of attachment, will equip you to create meaningful and secure relationships that last a lifetime. You’ll discover: what is healthy attachment, how to nurture connection in various ages and stages, the crucial differences between punishment and discipline, how child development research aligns with biblical truth, attachment doesn’t create a clingy and codependent child—it equips kids to have healthy relationships throughout their lifetime. Dr. Barbara Sorrels is a mom and grandmother. Her experience as a parent, teacher, early childhood administrator, children’s pastor, university professor, and consultant brings a unique perspective to her speaking, and writing. Cathy Chalmers, M.A., began her education in the field of psychology. She has worked in psychiatric residential treatment, a developmental pediatric clinic, and in private practice. Cathy and her husband are proud parents of two adult daughters. Through research, heart, and wisdom this book shows why attachment is so important to raising emotionally secure and spiritually healthy kids. —John Finch, bestselling author of The Father Effect. What a gift of practical advice, supported by years of research and application! Full of hope and promise for every parent. — Deniese Dillon, Co-founder and Executive Director Emeritus of the adoption agency, Dillon International, Inc. Buy on Amazon
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